What Other Say
  • "Working with Vishal and his team at Dedicated Developers has been an incredibly positive business experience. After suffering through many bouts with sub-par and poor performing IT contractors I was lucky to hook up with Dedicated Developers and I have been a full time client since Nov. 2010. Month in and month out they provide excellent service and work at very reasonable prices. In fact the ability to increase my workload has meant a 4 fold jump in my monthly consulting income in just 3 months after becoming a client and shows no signs of slowing down! I would highly recommend that anyone looking for any type of programming, design or VA work contact Vishal immediately, you will be happy you did."
    Tyler Archer
    Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
    Tyler Archer (hired Vishal's team for Web Development)
  • "Vishal has an outstanding team of web designers, programmers and graphic artists who are patient, dedicated and extremely reliable, especially if you are looking for an affordable and effective online service provider. I know that Vishal is personally committed to quality and excellence and I have been amazed by the level of professionalism and customer service in every interaction I have had with him. You simply can’t go wrong with Dedicated Developers, and by working with Vishal. Thank you and please contact me if you have any questions about Dedicated Developers."
    Nitin Chodda
    Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
    Nitin Chhoda (hired Vishal's team for Graphic/Web Design)
  • "Working with Vishal’s team at Dedicated Developers has turned out to be a very wise investment for our business. We have been extremely satisfied with every interaction we have had with them. Specifically, we’ve utilized Dedicated Developers for web design and related programming, and every one of our projects has been delivered on time, without headaches, and at an excellent value. It has been a great experience, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Dedicated Developers long into the future."
    Jared Prazen
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
    Jared Prazen (hired Vishal's team for Graphic/Web Design)
  • "Vishal Bhatia is a true entrepreneur, problem solver, networker, idea man, and honest individual with a warm and catchy personality who Does What He Says, and does it with competence."
    Mitch Carson
    Mitch Carson, CEO, Impact Products Marketing
    (was a consultant to Vishal at Dedicated Developers)
  • "Vishal is a well respected and innovative entrepreneur whose drive to become the best in the world is surpassed only by his dedication to his team in helping them reach their goals and live their dreams. Vishal’s enthusiasm in learning new things is one of his strongest traits, and his willingness to share this knowledge to all who ask will undoubtedly help him reach and exceed his personal and business milestones."
    Dr. Bob Clarke
    Dr. Bob Clarke, Co-Founder, RBC Global Unlimited Marketing Group
    (was consulting client of Vishal)
  • "Vishal Bhatia is a true Leader and an amazingly quick learner. He has taken his ability to learn new skills and taught many new entrepreneurs the valuable skill of Online Marketing. I have known Vishal for a couple years now and am very impressed with his Leadership abilities. He is a wonderful mentor to work with and learn from."
    Greg McMahon
    Greg McMahon, Owner, Lifestyle Design Marketing
    (was consulting client of Vishal)
  • "Vishal is one of the A+ grade professionals that I have worked with in the last decade. His is technically sound, extremely detail oriented, articulate and has exemplary work ethics. Vishal is trustworthy and “walks the talk” and in doing so, earns the respect and trust of his peers. Vishal is always successful in his commitment to excellence, which is essential for any good leader."
    Geoby Cherian
    Geoby Cherian, Software Engineer, Infosys
    (worked with Vishal at Infosys)
  • "Vishal and his team at Dedicated Developers are superb. Very thorough, competent and highly professional And what separates Vishal from all the rest of the IT contractors that I have worked with in the past is the depth of experience and the high personal touch that he brings to the table. Early on, Vishal made a special trip to visit and sit down with me to discuss my business objectives. Who in the world of virtual IT consulting does that? Very classy.Additionally, Vishal and company are very creative and are very willing to share ideas even if it’s outside their existing contract. It’s clear that Vishal is committed to building a long term relationship which I very much appreciate. I wholeheartedly recommend Vishal and Dedicated Developers."
    Perry Simpson
    Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
    Perry Simpson (hired Vishal as an IT Consultant)