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Meet Vishal Bhatia

Vishal Bhatia is an international pioneer in the fields of outsourced web and mobile app development and innovation.

Knowing your software idea will revolutionise your company or industry is one thing. Partnering with Vishal will make it a reality.


Here's what's important to know about Vishal:

Your project will succeed when you partner with Vishal.

Vishal understand from his deep personal journey how much your project success means to you; and he shares your passion.

Why? Because he came from humble beginnings in the small town of ‘Haridwar’ in Northern India. He defied the odds to become one of the US most prized experts in outsourced software development running a company of over 200 outsourced master-degree developers delivering [number] application to over [number] clients.

The only reason that turned from his dream into reality is because of his unending passion for innovation and disruption and his deep desire for success through hard work.

When you work with Vishal you get a true rainmaker on your side. Someone who has the depth and breadth of knowledge AND experience working with hundreds of people like you. He will help guide you and your project to the success you want.


You'll get instant access to all the technical resources you need.

Vishal was lucky that from a very young age his father spotted his unique ability to solve complex problems. By age 12 he gained recognition for a windmill power plant made entirely from recycled material and by 16 he took second place in the coveted national IEEE software competition.

Years of hard work fuelled by real passion for innovation meant Vishal then earned a place with one of India's top engineering schools from which he graduated in the top 5% and secured employment with India’s largest software company.

But Vishal yearned for more opportunity and more for his family and planned his way to the US. His passion for innovation and research earned him a scholarship at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he pursued a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Thereafter he accepted a coveted engineering position at Seagate where he spent his first and last 5 year of life in corporate America before embarked on his life-long ambition to start his own company.

That company has revolutionised the outsourced software industry and with over 200 dedicated masters-level engineers.

Vishal has been instrumental in helping 320+ companies deliver industry changing software (both web as well as mobile app) applications in less time with less risk and higher return.


You'll get over 100,000+ hours of real experience of our team overcoming the real obstacles you'll face in turning your application into reality.

Successful software development is a combination of planning and overcoming challenges. And frankly once you've overcome a challenge once then the next time it's much easier. And that's why Vishal experience helping over 320+ companies successfully deliver their applications is an invaluable resource.

Faster problem solution means faster application success and your idea into profitable reality in less time with less stress!


You'll get instant access to over 10 years experience hiring, training and project managing hundreds of A class developers delivering thousands of successful applications

Since disrupting the outsource software development industry with Dedicated Developers founded by Vishal over 10 years ago he has hired, trained and project managed hundreds of A class developers delivering thousands of applications to 320+ clients in 15 countries.

Whether you need help with your own software team or outsourcing Vishal has the richness of real world experience you need to fast-track your project success.


Vishal is very selective about who he works with and his time very short.

So now you have a choice. You can complete the application form here and discover how much quicker, easier and with less risk you can turn your application idea into reality.

Or, you can stay as you are never quite sure if you’ve missed the one thing that would help you truly disrupt your company or industry with your idea.

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